For the first time in China, the police force accepted delivery of the foreign brand Adiva AD1, a three wheel scooter.

2020.04.03 (金)

Adiva delivered the AD1 200 vehicle at the end of March 2020 retrofitted for police duty in Jiangsu Province, China. The opening delivery ceremony was attended by several police officials.

A total of 20 vehicles were delivered to three locations this round, but the company plans to continue delivering vehicles sequentially.

The exterior is wrapped in blue and yellow accents, with “POLICE” on the side and rear.
The helmet is designed similarly and is clearly visible along with the vehicle.

The double front and rear wheel provides stability and enhances safety, aided by the independent Quattro Wishbone Suspension especially during braking and cornering.

The rear is equipped with a 40L large trunk that provides plenty of storage room, easily fitting full-face helmets and with a load of 75kg.

In addition, the front is equipped with a UV-cut large front screen, protecting the rider from rain, sun and wind. This ensures even good visibility during rainy weather. The AD1 is a flexible vehicle which is reliable and suitable for all kinds of purposes and joy.