ADIVA’s uniqueness and possibility

ADIVA strives to develop products that are distinct from those of other manufacturers’, which has been met with praise and led to ADIVA being sold in many countries.

Patented retractable roof

Patented retractable roof

The retractable roof can fold and be stored in the rear compartment allowing the rider to enjoy the ride when the weather is nice, with the option to deploy it and stay comfortable when the weather turns rainy or cold.

Patented independent suspension

独立サスペンション 独立サスペンション ADIVA machines’ 2-wheeled front end makes use of ADIVA’s patented “Independent Quatro Wishbone Suspension,” which provides the ideal combination of a 2-wheel-like cornering sensation with the added stability of three wheels.

Annual motorcycle sales in Japan have been steadily decreasing since a peak of 3.29 million units in 1982. Current sales are approximately 400,000 units annually. However, ADIVA is optimistic. Our unique features enable us to offer a “lifestyle integrated with your bike” not possible with other motorcycles, and to propose corporate-use solutions that we believe can be used to create a new market for our products. Please see some examples below.

ユニーク性 ユニーク性 ユニーク性
Motorcycle Show atmosphere The stability offered by three wheels makes it possible to explore places that ordinary motorcycles cannot go. A model being developed for the Singapore Post Office. (Their needs call for a bike to deliver the mail partway, after which they will switch to a bicycle to navigate narrow passages for final delivery.)
Even riding on snow is possible. Its roof offers shelter from the cold, and it has a large-volume carrying capacity. (Photo shows the arrival at the northernmost point of Japan.) With skis loaded, you can ride your bike to the ski hill.