About the ADIVA Brand

“Moving should be a pleasure”

Rain, wind, sun, heat, cold.
A desire to solve the various problems that hinder comfortable mobility one by one
became the start of one Italian’s dream in the early 1990s.

At the 2000 Milano Salone, the BENELLI ADIVA 150 and 125, whose “Modular Protection System” allowed their many parts to be fit and removed as necessary, were unveiled. They were warmly received as all-weather city commuters all over the world.

In 2004, the worldwide patent for our folding roof was obtained, and the ADIVA brand identity was established.

In 2008, the AD3 three-wheeled scooter, with two front wheels and one rear wheel, was released. A fusion of an innovative idea and advanced technology, it offered the fun and easiness of a motorcycle, with the safety and comfort of an automobile.

For 2018, in addition to the plush ride offered by the AD3 400, the new, tight-turning, easy manoeuvring AD1 200 makes its debut. Our full lineup has something for everyone to enjoy easily and with peace of mind.
ADIVA three-wheeled scooters – next-generation commuters that make moving a pleasure.