This trike-style delivery model features one front wheel and two rear wheels. The large rear carrier (Size: 700mm x 640mm / Max Load: 100kg) offers superb carrying capacity, while the front screen and roof protect the rider from the elements, making the AD-Cargo an excellent addition to the business scene. Its stylish Italian design is another characteristic feature.
[2018 sales start planned]

Length x Width x Height 2,050mm × 720mm × 1,680mm
Seat Height 720mm
Maximum Number of Passengers 1
Dry Weight 195kg
Motor Brushless DC Motor PM 3-phase
Rated Power 4 kW x 2
Maximum Power 5 kW x 2
Gearbox Integral wheel-hub motor
Battery 8kWh 48V
Cruising Range 120km
Maximum Speed 70km/h
Suspension Front Φ41mm hydraulic telescopic
Rear Twin shocks with preload adjustability
Tyres Front 120/70 – 14″
Rear 130/60 – 13″ x2
Brakes Front Φ210mm disc
Rear Φ210mm disc x2


The AD1-E is an electric version of the AD1 200, a roof-equipped, gasoline-powered three-wheeled scooter. With the weight savings gained by eliminating the engine (-22kg), and its silent operation, the AD1-E represents an evolution in urban commuters.
[2018 sales start planned]

・Key Equipment D

Front Screen
In addition to offering UV protection, the front screen shelters the rider from rain and cold wind. Windshield wipers with two settings ensure great visibility, even in the rain.

Folding Roof
The roof can be easily removed and stored in the rear trunk. ADIVA obtained the global patent for this folding roof in 2004.

A New 3-Wheel Experience Surpassing 2-Wheelers and 4-Wheelers
The fun and easiness of a motorcycle. The safety and comfort of an automobile. With two front wheels and one rear wheel, combining all these merits is exactly what the innovative chassis design of ADIVA’s three-wheeled scooters does. Based on automotive double-wishbone suspension, our “Independent Quattro-Wishbone Suspension” offers superb stability when cornering and braking, while contributing to excellent comfort when riding on poor road surfaces or over bumps, among its many benefits. With a riding feel distinct from motorcycles and automobiles, ADIVA offers a new experience unavailable anywhere else.

Mesh-Design Aluminium Wheels
Mesh-design aluminium wheels are standard equipment. Gleaming black paint with machined surfaces results in a black and silver two-tone finish. Red brake callipers visible from inside the wheels add to the sporty impression.

Large-Capacity Rear Trunk
The 40L rear trunk offers plenty of storage space for a large bag. Or it can hold a pair of helmets and rain gear. Colour-matched paint and a design that flows naturally from the bodylines are characteristic features.

Length x Width x Height 2,061mm × 670mm × 1,680mm
Seat Height 720mm
Maximum Number of Passengers 2
Dry Weight 182kg
Motor Brushless DC Motor PM Inrunner
Rated Power 11 kW
Maximum Power 15 kW
Gearbox Planetary in-wheel
Battery 7kWh 133V
Cruising Range 130km
Maximum Speed 125km/h
Suspension Front Single shock with preload adjustability
Rear Twin shocks with 5-step preload adjustability
Tyres Front 130/60 – 13″ ×2
Rear 130/70 – 13″
Brakes Front Φ220mm disc ×2
Rear Φ210mm disc

*Image is an illustration


When considering possible power units for next-generation motorcycles, electric motors seem the most likely replacement for gasoline-powered engines. To support the diffusion and development of electric vehicles, ADIVA designed a model with the potential to become an electric motorcycle platform: the roof-equipped two-wheeled EV “Concept-E”.

[Sales start TBA]


Rather than modifying an existing gasoline-powered model, creating an EV from scratch enabled a highly original, futuristic styling. The roof – a key component of ADIVA’s identity – is equipped with a solar panel, allowing the battery to charge while riding


The wheelbase was set at 1,500mm – standard for a 250-400cc class gasoline-powered model. At this length, it would be easy to use for riders of all sizes. Befitting a lightweight chassis, the undercarriage has a simple construction.

・Power Unit

Using a “Modular Power Unit System” enables the motor and battery to be easily exchanged to suit the desired use, whether it be city riding, long touring, or sport riding. The concept is an extension of the “Modular Protection System” that helped establish the ADIVA brand and its goal to “Make Moving a Pleasure” for all riders.

Length x Width x Height 1,850mm x 650mm × 1,720mm
Seat Height 740mm
Maximum Number of Passengers 2
Motor Modular Power Unit System
Suspension Front Hydraulic telescopic
Rear Single shock
Tyres Front 120/70 – 14″
Rear 140/60 – 13″
Brakes Front Φ260mm disc
Rear Φ240mm disc