Cargo 3

The Efficiency from a new viewpoint
All Electric Powered 3-Wheels Scooter “Cargo 3” was developed with the image of softness and strength of the North American deer “Moose”

AD3 400

Simple design with soft edge + Streight lines and multi rounded headlight offers best matching with your business use
Powerful Motor and New deveoped Lithium-ion battery offers zero emissions, no gasoline, and no noise pollution
Independent Titting System
Adiva’s independent titing system solves the stability and handling issues plus no heavy. Roof system, deflectors and wiper-equipped wide windscreen for better protection. Cargo3 combines functionality of four-wheeled vehicle and mobility of two-wheeled vehicle

AD3 400

Cargo3 is suitable for various kinds of business use
For Carry Services – Short range trip with frequent “Stop & Go” such as for delivering newspapers, letters and small parcels
For Delivery Services – An Optional Rear Box enables delivery of higher capacity such as Food delivery
For Travel Services – Quick mobility with excellent with quietness for travel services such as maintenance, patrol, and emergency dispatch.

Length 2140mm
Seat Height 720mm
Loading Capacity 60kg
Function Reverse Gear
Width 774mm
Rated Power Output 0.5kw x 2
Maximum Range 50km
Battery Lithum Iron LiFePO4
Height 1170mm
Max Torque 180Nm x 2
Body Color White

Price – For Corporate Sales Only
This product is only for Corporates, Government Offices, and Local Governments

・Specification and package of the product are as clients requested
 for needs. Please feel free to contact for details.
・Maximum range of this product vary by driving mode, weather condition,
 loading weight
・The maximum range mentioned in the technical specification is based on
 Road Load test, and it does not guarantee the actual drive range
・Specification or design of the product is subject to change without notice
・Details and colors of the images might be different from ones of real products

[Safety Notice]
・Please wear helmet for safety reasons at all times during the ride
・Please carry out initial and periodic inspection of the vehicle
・Please fix your loads tightly for fall prevention before riding
・Please do not contain any dangerous goods, valuables, moisture sensitive,
 or anything easily affected by heat in the Inner Box and Rear Box
・Please drive safely at the speed limit permitted on a given road
・Please read owner’s manual carefully before riding
・Illegal alteration is prohibitted by law